Siral CVW Series

The CVW is a characerized control ball valve designed specifically to improve the overall capabilities of a control valve. The CVW sets new standards in control accuracy, leakage efficiency and life durability.

Stability and Control

  • The valve’s equal percentage characteristic provides a linear change in thermal output based on the valve’s opening angle that is controlled by the actuator’s input signal.
  • With its built-in stainless-steel ball and brass disc, the CVW is designed to provide durability and flow accuracy that are lacked in other plastic disks lack.
  • The brushless DC motor technology has longer life due to its low friction design.
  • The valve is designed with efficiency in mind. It incorporates a leak-free auto-cleaning ball assembly. Its thermal barrier flange reduces heat-transfer to the actuator extending its life.
  • Internal leakage in a valve causes energy waste. Most 3-way valves in the industry usually have some level of internal leakage even when new. With our unique valve design both our 2-way and 3-way valves are bubble tight with zero leakage through all ports.
  • Brushless motor technology improves efficiency due to reduced heat output compared to conventional motors.
  • The CVW has a large range of Cv options for each valve size. This reduces installation costs created by multiple pipe reductions.


  • Stainless steel ball and stem – Maximum corrosion resistance
  • Nickel plated brass body –Reduces stress concentration
  • Engineered thermal barrier
  • Brushless DC Motor technology

Ball Valve Technology

  • Self cleaning ball – Eliminates blockage and leakage caused by damaged surfaces
  • Blowout proof stem – Safety during system pressure spikes
  • Floating seat design – Stable torque through life
  • Zero Internal leakage – Stops energy waste caused by leakage


  • Flow patterns: 2-Way, 3-way (Mixing/Diverting)
  • Size range: ½ to 2”
  • Cv range: 0.3 to 230
  • Control: On/Off, Floating Point, Modulating (2-10VDC)

A system where a product is completely controlled internally by Siral from the conception phase, through all stages of development and manufacturing. This system is defined by a synchronized and singular focus on the end user solution throughout all facets of the design, development and all manufacturing processes.

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